A. Funktion vom Spray Coating System

Das Spray Coating System (SCS) ist eine flexible Lösung für das berührungslose und exakte Auftragen von Ölen und wässrigen Lösungen. The spray coating system (SCS) is a flexible solution for the non-contact and accurate application of oils and aqueous solutions. The spray jet is generated by means of a high-frequency pulsating valve and a one-fluid-fluid nozzle (not a two flow nozzle) Not always very fine droplet size is desired e.g. when a hot surface is to be coated. By varying the mouthpiece (nozzle) and the working pressure, a very large spectrum of droplet size can be achieved with a constant volume flow.

B. The benifit of Spray Coating System

  • low plant pollution:

no suction required. Reduced contamination of the environment, as the spray mist almost disappears compared to a two-fluid nozzle. The fluid loss is almost negligible. (Efficiency = order quantity / spray quantity is close by 100 %)

  • Flexibility:

Up to 20 000 cycles per minute can be reacted with a PWM control. This achieves a very large control range (1:90) at constant pressure without changing the spray pattern. Flexible adjustments to the flow rate applied to the speed of the production line

  • Operation safety:

The PWM detects clogged nozzles during production.

  • precise application:

Smallest liquid flow control with constant jet angle. The spray pressure is always constant, because it works with a fixed operating pressure.

  • Profiling:

The nozzles can be controlled individually to achieve an automatic adjustment of a cross profile (cross profile control). The resolution of the cross profile starts at 30 mm and extends to 250 mm at a fixed nozzle distance to the coating surface

  • Turnkey system:

Easy to assemble and easy to integrate into existing production facilities.

  • Optionen:

Mixing and dosing unit for setting the chemical concentration are available.

C. Examples of installations of the Aquaflex     Spray Coating Systems

Fig. 1  Spray jet with schematic drawing

Fig. 2  Universal nozzle beam schematic drawing

Fig. 3  Universal nozzle beam (Fig. 2)

Fig. 4  Release agent application of closed beams

Fig. 5  Release agent application (Fig.4)

Fig. 6  Spray nozzle beam in a paper mill

Fig. 7  Spray nozzle beam Yankee cylinderFig 8

Fig. 8  Oil application on the Yankee cylinder( Fig. 7)

Fig. 9  Spray nozzle beam in a paper mill Fig. 11

Fig. 10  Spray coating nozzle a take-off doctor

Fig. 11  Papierrückbefeuchter zweireihig